The Power of pCloud

Improves Your Marketing Efforts

Increases Social Engagement

Provides Actionable Insights

Simplifies and Secures Your Wifi

What is Packetwire’s pCloud?

The pCloud solution from Packetwire is a combination of hardware and software specifically designed for restaurants, shops and venues to provide secure and stable wireless access. But pCloud is much more than just Wifi. Once the pre-configured pCloud appliance is installed at a customer location, it instantly begins gathering data about it's surroundings - data you can use to make better informed business decisions.

The pCloud solution consists of two parts:

The pCloud Appliance

With a tiny footprint of only 6.46” x 4.55” x 1.14” and weighing in at 0.9lbs, the pCloud appliance is a small discreet device that is easy to install, even for the most non-tech savvy individuals. The simple installation process often takes less than a minute, and once connected the appliance almost immediately begins to provide secure wireless access as well gather data.

The pCloud Platform

The pCloud platform is constantly receiving data from onsite customer appliances all over the world. This software then turns this data into actionable insights for your shop or venue. You can quickly and easily understand how long your customers stay, what portion of your customers are repeat vs. new and begin to understand time of day customer trends.

It’s time to get more from your Wifi.

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What Our Clients Say

“pCloud from Packetwire has helped me understand more about my venue and it’s guests than ever before. Not to mention the setup was super easy and the pricing was totally fair.”

“pCloud is so simple to setup. Within a couple of minutes I had secure wifi for my own devices in addition to great wifi for my guests. Getting the weekly reports on usage and visitor patterns is also a real treat and makes the investment totally worth it.”

“Before I installed pCloud, my wifi was just “there”. There was no value to me as a business owner and I had no way to know what was going on when there were problems. It’s so refreshing to know now more about my customers and have things just work.”

“Making the move to pCloud was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my coffee shop. The setup was simple, the reports are automated, I know more about my customers, the list goes on…”

Quick Facts

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A Message from our Founder

Customers have come to expect connectivity wherever they go. Even with 3G and LTE options, customers still trend towards using restaurants, cafes and venues with great wifi. This has always posed a challenge for owners. Owners are overwhelmed with a multitude of options it's hard to know which to choose. In addition, putting in connectivity is a great convenience for your customers but it lacks value for you as a business owner. That's why we've designed pCloud from the ground up to provide not only a great guest experience but also provide value back to owner. How? By helping you understand customer trends, increasing your social engagement and helping you improve and understand whether your marketing efforts are worthwhile. It's time to get more from your Wifi. Let us help you find out how.
Richard Finnie - founder/ceo, Packetwire

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